Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Robert's Empty Chair

As a follow up to Invite Ehrlich to the Table, below, it appears that the Governor isn't quite so anxious to take that seat. Per Maryland Moment:
In a crowded hearing room yesterday, with dozens signed up to testify, Senate Finance Chairman Thomas M. Middleton set aside a block of time early on for someone from the governor's office to weigh in on the bill to provide some relief on electricity rates.

But when that moment arrived, and Middleton asked if someone from Gov. Bob Ehrlich's administration would "please come forward and identify yourself," there was an awkward silence.

"Not seeing anyone," Middleton said curtly, "we'll move on."
Ehrlich's strategy:
"They own this," Ehrlich said in an interview. "This is their package. They are going to have to defend this to the people."
So, Ehrlich calls a special session, only to refuse to participate? Even sending someone to make a public statement about what the Governor wants or doesn't want would at least have the veneer of doing the people's business. Ehrlich doesn't care about that, apparently.

This "strategy" (and I use the term loosely) poorly serves the citizens of Maryland. I for one don't care to hear Ehrlich whine about how great his prior unsucessful (or illegally enacted) plans supposedly were. I want these folks in Annapolis working to put a good plan on the table now.

Ehrlich's decision to abandon even the pretense of doing the people's business is a bad one. Finger pointing at the legislature won't help him. If O'Malley or Duncan are smart, they are going to argue that they can work with the legislature to solve problems, not strike poses.


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