Monday, June 05, 2006

Fighting Foam

Amen to Baltimore City Councilmember James Kraft!

The First District's representative, known for his strong stances on environmental issues, won a headline yesterday for his proposal to cut down on the amount of foam that winds up as trash around the city. Kraft's bill, FOR the purpose of prohibiting food service establishments from using certain polystyrene products (06-0449), would fine violating restaurants and carry-outs $200 if they continued to use foam.

Kraft's idea is another step on the path to fulfilling his vision of making Baltimore a Green City. The containers are not bio-degradable, meaning they produce useless waste that hangs around the dumps for a long time. And those are just the ones that manage to get thrown in the trash. Anyone walked around a non-downtown neighborhood notices sidewalks are absolutely littered with the containers and some alleys have enough to hold 1,000 dinners.

Although small business owners may bitch about having to find new containers, its a small price to pay for keeping the City cleaner and contributing to the struggle to save the environment. Many businesses may find alternative containers that wind up being cheaper. If the bill passes, many of the current critics will probably have forgotten their protests within a year.

Now if only Kraft could do something about those damn black plastic bags they give at the liquor stores...

from The League: Reassembled


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