Friday, May 26, 2006

Ehrlich and Steele Strategies Not Compatible?

Excerpts from National Journal's clips on Maryland politics. More (including info on Duncan’s recent ads, Joe Steffan’s memos, Bill Frist coming to MD for Steele), at Onbackground

On Mfume endorsement by the MSTA:

"Several people who attended the event attributed the loss to Cardin's role in changing the state pension system for teachers" in '79 and '84, which "reduced future benefits and angered most teachers."(Lazarick, Baltimore Examiner, 5/23).

It's Tough Getting To 51% For A MD GOPer

JHU prof./Rep. Ben Cardin (D-MD) supporter Tom Schaller writes Gov.
Bob Ehrlich (R) and LG Michael Steele (R) "are running at cross purposes."
Each "has a different calculus for reaching a majority." Steele "hopes to
capture a larger share of the black vote than the estimated" 12% the
Ehrlich-Steele ticket received in '02. "Improving on that figure means
Steele must attract voters in Baltimore City and, especially," PG Co. "Ehrlich's coalition is based on support from white suburbanites in the greater Baltimore metropolitan region. (Washington Examiner, 5/26).

The Ehrlich Issue Gets Bumped Down A Bit

Opponents of an LNG facility in Dundalk said 5/25 that they'll file an
ethics complaint against Ehrlich's personal atty., David Hamilton, for
violating the state ban on fundraising by a lobbyist. LNG Opposition Team
atty. Bart Fisher: "We're up against mighty corporate forces. We're at least
entitled to fairness in the process." Hamilton heads the gov't relations
practice of his firm, and is a member of the gov's campaign finance cmte
(see 5/24 Hotline). Ehrlich spokesperson Henry Fawell said the gov. has
opposed the LNG plant, but activists said Hamilton's activities "make them
wonder just how hard the governor has been working against the plan" (Green,
Baltimore Sun, 5/26).


Blogger defunct blogger said...

Interesting post. On Steele and Ehrlich, I wonder how much the national climate, and links with Bush, are going to hurt them. I'm not seeing it in the polls yet, but closer to election day, I can just see the ads fading to pictures of each of them standing next to Bush and smiling.

5/27/2006 09:59:00 AM  

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