Friday, June 09, 2006

Free Market Electricity

As the General Assembly gears up for next week's special session to tackle the looming 72 percent BGE rate increase, Republicans are finally coming out with their true feelingss on the matter: they don't care if consumers are forced to pay exorbitantly higher costs.

Quoted in The Baltimore Sun as a defender of the free market, leading Republican Del. Anthony J. O'Donnell argued "This nation spent the better part of 50 years post-World War II engaged in a cold war against a system that did these kinds of things on a regular basis. And here we are with a state government appearing to do it. Mind boggling."

No, Del. O'Donnell. The government refusing to stand up for the citizens who elect it against an unfair economic attack would be mind boggling. O'Donnell and the other free marketeers in the General Assembly must fail to realize the devastating impact such a huge increase could have on many of central Maryland's working families. Maybe if O'Donnell left Southern Maryland's developments of McMansions and learned how many citizens from Baltimore and our inner suburbs live, he would change his tune.

Not only is the "free market" argument callous, its hypocritical. Gov. Ehrlich, the figurehead Republican in the state, has time and time again stood up for business interests by loosening regulations and creating other breaks. And lets not even mentions the national GOP's handouts to corporate interests. Why should government interfere with the market on behalf of business but not on behalf of the people?

Republicans can't bury their heads in the sands of the free market. They need to approach the upcoming special session with the intention to help Marylanders.

from The League: Reassembled


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