Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hit the Ground Running

When legislators returned to Annapolis yesterday for a special session, they had something that they couldn't come up with during the 90 days of the regular session: a plan to reduce the 72 percent BGE rate increase.

Despite years of acknowledgement that such a huge rate increase was necessary, Maryland's political leaders did nothing to deal with the crisis. Now, with everyone's reelection campaigns facing angry consumers eager to blame someone for unfair rates, the legislature has a plan to reduce the rates.

As outlined by The Washington Post, the proposal would limit a rate increase to 15 percent and fire the current members of the do-nothing Public Service Commission. Within a year, the new members - hopefully not as cozy with business - would recommend additional increases based on the utility company's finances.

Perfect? No. But at least its something that will help. Lets hope Ehrlich doesn't drop a bombshell and veto the measure (which he has refused to say whether or not he'll do).

from The League: Reassembled


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