Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ehrlich's Show Trial (Hearing Actually)

A few days ago, here, I observed that there is an unfortunate Sauron/Saruman thing going with Bush and Ehrlich. Looks like Saruman is at it again. Borrowing a page from Bush, Ehrlich has decided to have a Show Hearing on whether he should sign the BGE bill. There is, according to the Governor, "a lot of anger, a lot of angst and there's a lot of confusion." Sure is: the voters are angry, the Repubs in the legislature are feeling angst (among other things), and Ehrlich is confused as to why Marylanders aren't buying the garbage that he's been selling.

So, Saruman is going to clear it all up for us by conducting his own hearing, after refusing to contribute to the hearings already conducted by the legislature. Anyone want to bet that the folks at these hearings look suspiciously like the town hall "citizens" who appeared during Sauron's Social Security whirligig last year? After all, there have to be a limited number of people who can get all doe-eyed and moistly say, "Mr. Bush you are the best president ever, why can't we put Social Security into hedge funds so that we'll all get rich (in good years)?"

To help out, I put up some suggested testimony on Free State Comment.


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