Thursday, November 10, 2005

Free State Election Results

from The League: Reassembled

Marylanders went to the polls Tuesday in local elections around the state. Mayoral races were held in Annapolis, College Park, Takoma Park, Greenbelt, Gaithersburg and Bowie and city council members/aldermen were on the ballots in each of those cities and Rockville.

As usual, Democrats came out on top. (see the Washington Post's round-up)

The statewide theme of the election? Incumbency is King. Of the 22 races with challengers, only 5 incumbents lost their seats. Eight officials ran unopposed.

In poll after poll, voters complain about the direction of the country but continue to elect the same individuals on the local level. What does this indicate? National swings (including the current one away from the GOP) have little to no impact on local races. If a city council consistenly provides good trash pick-up, why vote 'em out because of a war thousands of miles away?

This election says nothing about candidates' prospects for the statewide races in 2006. In those races, national issues and events will play a major role.

(Note: The League's Wednesday interview with Democratic US Senate candidate Lise van Susteren is now available online for download)

from The League: Reassembled


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