Thursday, February 22, 2007

Baltimore City Council Makes Pick for the 6th

A council committee decided yesterday to nominate Sharon Green Middleton to represent the 6th district, The Sun reports. The seat opened up mid-term when Stephanie Rawlings Blake became Council President.

The committee's unanimous recommendation means Middleton, a teacher married to an influential union leader, will likely take the spot.

The 6th is an interesting district. It covers areas of both northwest and north, and is marked by distinctly different neighborhoods. The 6th includes some of the wealthiest residents as well as some of the poorest. There are suburban-style neighborhoods with large homes on spacious lawns as well as dense urban areas with significant concentrations of commercial space. There is little crime in some parts of the 6th but open-air drug dealing and a violence problem in others.

In short, the 6th district is a miniature of Baltimore City itself. Middleton is revered for community service to her hometown city, but that doesn't necessarily translate into effective legislating. We'll see how she addresses the competing interests of her diverse district.

Her seat will come up on the September 11 primary, but these few months of incumbency are a huge boost to her chances of being elected by voters.

from The League: Reassembled


Blogger Bruce Godfrey said...

Great post, League.

I have an off-topic favor to ask.

Could I have you make a brief post on FSP about the Carnival of Maryland? I will be hosting the Carnival this time and would be grateful for any additional exposure for it. Submissions due 8 PM on Sunday.

Thanks very much.

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