Thursday, February 22, 2007

Now Is Not That Time

Dear Readers,

As the grapeshot zinged past her head and the sulfurous cannon smoke billowed over the poop deck, the Mayor cried “This is not a battle, this is a community discussion.”

The boarding party lowered their cutlasses in shame as she chided them to be respectful of others’ opinions, as she assured them she respects theirs. “I don’t think there’s a wrong and right on this.” she said.

Though the gym ba . . community discussion was not on the agenda Feb. 20, it came up in councilmembers’ comments at the beginning of the Takoma Park City Council meeting.

Bruce Williams’ statement raised a few gunpowder-singed eyebrows. After a lengthy introduction that sounded like he was making a strong case for building the gym, he abruptly hove to and came about.

“I believe,” he said . . .
continued at granolapark

- Gilbert


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