Friday, February 16, 2007

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett Supports Escalation in Iraq

This is a shame. Rep. Bartlett had indicated he was thinking of voting in support of the Iraq Resolution, but in the end, he caved into faulty Republican reasoning.
I am very concerned that Congressional approval of this resolution will be interpreted by our enemies as a sign that Americans do not have the resolve necessary to win; that they can just wait us out and then take over. My primary concern is the emotional and physical well-being of our troops. I am very concerned that a ‘yes’ vote could easily be interpreted by our troops as a lack of support.
This is beyond ridiculous (emphasis mine).

Rep. Bartlett is more worried about the will of our enemies than he is about the will of the American people. The same American people who are overwhelming against the escalation in Iraq. the same American people who, by a narrow majority, support de-funding the escalation.

Does Rep. Bartlett care what we think? Clearly not.


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