Friday, February 16, 2007

Speaker Busch's Party for the Party

Speaker Mike Busch's recent party in The State Capitol (that's Capitol) pulled together District 30 supporters. Governor Martin O'Malley (I think he's younger than I am...many say he looks and acts "Presidential") addressed the crowd and Delegate Virginia Claggett and Senator John Astle joined in. Busch reminded the crowd that George Washington (he pronounces it "Warshinton") danced in that same room after he resigned his commission as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army (A momentuous and significant event in history-read "Washington Bowed" by former Governor McKeldin).

I was most pleased to see freshman Republican Delegate Ron George welcomed, recognized by and warmly applauded by what appeared to be a nearly 99% Democratic and 1% Green audience. As a friend of and former employee of Ron's, I can say with some assuredness that there are already signs that he is going to be a fair-minded and possibly even bi-partisan Delegate, but don't expect him to vote in favor of strengthening abortion rights. We know that he has strong conservative views and a strong Catholic faith, but I don't think this is going to make him anything like extremists Don Dwyer or the man George replaced, the bombastic, divisive and mean-spirited Herb McMillan (and there are negatives too, although I always appreciated his fiscally conservative watchdog role). However, Ron barely won his election and he will likely keep this narrowest of victories in mind as the lone Republican in Mike Busch's district. Ron has even met with local Greens. I doubt that Dwyer's similarly narrow victory will temper his extremist and outrageous views one bit (remember Katy, bolt the door???....).

Although I supported and voted for former Councilwoman Barbara Samorajczyk as I did for the entire team 30 Dems, when we thought she had won the open Delegate's seat at first, I stopped in to see Ron the day after the election and congratulate him for a well-run and hard-fought campaign. I had acted too soon. A few days later I congratulated him for his victory. Barbara, not unlike her nemesis Janet Owens, has seemed to drop out of sight, despite a few unsuccessful attempts on my part to contact her and also thank her for a hard fought campaign.

Barbara did not attend, while Janet is not a District 30 resident.


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