Sunday, February 18, 2007

Forward March!

Dear Readers,

Cancel the funeral! The body is still twitching. In fact, it’s walking . . . slowly . . . forward . . . !

What does “forward” mean, Dear Readers? Takoma Park Mayor Kathy Porter assures us it is “NOT committing to build the gym, NOT committing to which option, simply committing to the next step.”

The next step is on the road to Annapolis, where the city will continue to seek up to 3 million dollars in state funding. Fund-seeking will continue in the county, as well.

Applying for funding does not commit the city to building the gym. Though it seems a bit cart-before-the-horsey, there is a good reason, say the Mayor and councilmembers savvy in the Ways of the State.

This year the state has a budget surplus and next year it will have a “structural budget deficit,” according to the Mayor. Your Gilbert has no idea how a structural budget deficit differs from a plain budget deficit, but we are a bit mystified how wise heads in matters economical can see a budget surplus on one hand, a budget deficit on the other hand, and not bring the two hands together, using the surplus to eliminate the deficit.

Regardless, ours is not to reason why, ours is but to piteously cry “ALMS! ALMS!” on the state house steps. The deadline to do so rapidly approaches. And that, Dear Readers, is why the city steps forward, even without having chosen a specific plan, budget, or even whether to build the gym at all.

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