Thursday, February 22, 2007

County Councilman Cohen is Now Blogging

Newly-elected County Councilman Josh Cohen (D-6), representing the greater Annapolis area, wasted no time in getting his new blog up and running. The Cohen Bulletin is the latest in Cohen's well-established and much appreciated efforts to maintain close communications with constituents. This was a hallmark of his five years as the Alderman representing the Eighth Ward on the Annapolis City Council that no doubt helped propel him to a solid victory in the 2006 county election.

The big question is, has Chic and Ruths named a sandwich for you yet?

Cohens first--and expected order of business mentioned on his site is to elucidate on the gnawing City-County relationship, vis a vis growth and land use. Could this be the dawn of the Leopold-Moyer chassis with Cohen the axle? (How's that for mixing metaphors?) The cynic in CP says, yeah sure....g'luck on this one Josh...into the lion pit you go.

CP is also pleased that Cohen placed a link on his website to CP--without CP even making such a request. CP cautions blog readers that this does not mean CP will gush or fawn over Cohen. CP won't be any less willing to take Cohen to task, or be any more willing to extoll or thank him, as he carries out his duties as a public official. CP, as it carries out its duties as watchdog, guardian of the public trust, esteemed member of the fourth estate and servant of the downtrodden and great unwashed masses is a friend and constituent of Cohens, and generally a loyal supporter, but as with any elected official, CP will not give Cohen any special treatment. (Uhh-Josh, are you bringing the beer next Saturday or am I s'posed to pick it up as usual..again???)


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