Monday, September 25, 2006

Giving the Devil Its Due

I have frequently bashed the Gazette as being clueless and out of touch. However, in the interests of fairness, they printed a very cogent analysis of the current trainwreck state of the Prince George's County political machine on Friday, and I commend it to you. Written by Josh Kurtz of Roll Call (a former Gazette reporter), the article essentially makes two points: (1) if Prince George's Democrats don't get their shit together, both Cardin and O'Malley are in trouble (the former more than the latter), and (2) Donna Edwards is likely to have company in 2008 if she chooses to take on Al Wynn again.

Both are excellent points, and the first one in particular needs to be addressed, pronto, unless Senator Michael Steele is an appealing proposition to you.

Read the article.


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