Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Shirt and Suit

Dear Reader,

Meanwhile, back at the Takoma Park city council chambers . . .

Yes, while we have been wrapped up in the primary election brawl, the city has been quietly tending to business - though often without the presence of councilmember Marc Elrich who was busy winning his bid for county council at-large representative.

After taking August off, the council resumed meetings Tuesday, Sept. 5. Councilmember Elrich missed that meeting and the next one on Election Eve, understandably. However, he made a triumphant return entrance last Monday night (Sept. 18) during the Council Comment period, just as councilmember Joy Austin-Lane was congratulating him and saying “[I] wish that he was here so he could take a bow.”

The rest of the council congratulated him and exulted in the five other election victories for Takoma Parkians. Mayor Kathy Porter, not quite rubbing her palms together, speculated that the city might benefit from these victories.

The infamous election-day voting machine debacle was mentioned by Terry Seamens. He declared it a “serious situation” and cited worrisome studies that show disturbing problems with electronic voting systems. He proposed that the city form a committee to study the issue. Perhaps his attire, a bright red shirt and American-flag tie, refered to this issue, the flag symbolizing the country, the red shirt representing a state of emergency. Gilbert proposes the city form a committee to give fashion advice to certain councilmembers . . . .

Continues at granolapark where you will find updates on:

WMATA development.

Double taxation/tax-rebate.

Rent Stabilization and a potential law suit against the city by Southern Management corporation.

- Gilbert


Blogger Rfustero said...

I don't believe there is nothing to study- everyone knows what went wrong we know that computers and goverment officials can't be trusted and we know what works- so let's got working on establishing paper/punch ballots like the good old days.

9/22/2006 09:03:00 AM  

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