Saturday, September 16, 2006

Press Missing Key Election Issue

Lisa Handley is a political scientist who spends much of her time traveling the world observing and assisting the UN and other international organizations with transitional elections in a host of Third World countries. She served as an election judge last Tuesday in Montgomery County and has picked up on a major problem with the election that will affect the tabulation of the provisional ballots which the press has almost totally ignored.

Put simply, many of the so-called "provisional" ballots were not meant to be provisional. At the same time, the Board of Elections needs to verify whether the genuine provisional ballots ought to be counted. However, in many cases, the provisional ballots are all mixed together. Read more about the different types of provisional ballots cast last Tuesday and problems the Board of Elections faces in counting them in Lisa's post on Maryland Politics Watch.


Blogger Peter said...

"your personal attacks on us are unprofessional and wrong" - Tim Hiller

Remember that folks when you watch the Steele video on

join me in defeating the GOP this year with ideas! and NOT partisan Slander!

Tell Lee Fang to start concentrating on the issues if he wants to defeat Steele. Democrats who want to see a big win for Cardin.. come to my blog and promote your ideas in the comments section!


9/19/2006 02:01:00 PM  
Blogger Peter said...

Democrats for a Clean Election
Earlier today Bruce Godfrey wrote this to me in the comments section of my blog.

Merely stating your view baldly, without backing it up with facts, logical argument, etc., does little to persuade the casual or intense reader.

First, let me say, that I really appreciate Bruce saying this to me as I will gladly explain to you why I have mentioned those who have gone about this campaign the wrong way (Tim Hiller and Lee Fang), and that I truly hope those who wish to disagree with me and those who want to pick my brain are more than welcome to post anything on my blog, Republican or Democrat.

Bruce is right. In my first set of blogs I did not go into enough detail in explaining why I feel, the way I feel. So here it is.
Lee Fang and Tim Hiller are exactly what this party does not need for the following reasons: The Democratic Party IS a party of Values. WE are the ones who stick up for those who cannot stick up for themselves. WE are the ones who are right on a woman's right to choose, protecting the environment, providing HealthCare, raising the minumum wage, rolling back tax cuts, and fighting the war on terror.

Now, let's take a look at Lee Fang and Tim Hiller. They have an opportunity to take the lead in this campaign because they are the leaders of the democratic party in the biggest school in the whole state. In their first opportunity to set an agenda... they went negative. I have stated that their ad is impeccably done.. BUT after it's over, voters have a negative taste in their mouth. In a race where we need to win Moderates (because Steele has the charisma to win moderates.. AND a few dems) we should be painting a rosey picture about Ben Cardin and how he wants to fight the war on terror, but re-deploy troops in Iraq. I think we need to keep about 80,000 there for right now, but let's start bringing home a few thousand starting right soon because currently we have almost 150,000 there!!!!

If Lee Fang and Tim Hiller wanted to show that they are ahead of their time, and not naive college dems, they would know not to go negative right off the bat. You see, in politics, sometimes the knockout punch is the COUNTER-punch. Fang and Hiller have now given the COUNTER punch option to the Republicans. If their cronies come out with an ad and it's better than their Steele ad, what are they going to do then????? If Fang and Hiller knew politics 101, they would have produced that ad and saved it until the last 2-3 weeks of the campaign.. But now, they have shown their true colors. They have said.. "This is us, and we're going negative." That ad, along with Cardin having to ALREADY fire a staffer for OREO cookie comments does not leave me feeling very upbeat about the campaign.

Bruce, here is my bottom line. Instead of looking like immature partisans (Fang and Hiller) I would have run an ad pointing out the differences:

-It's been 1,000 degrees this summer.. Where has Michael Steele been on Al Gore's global Warming???

-Why is Cardin's position on Iraq better than Steele's?

-Cardin's career as a life long politician is better than Steele's inexperience as far as knowing how the system works.

-Cardin has just plain and simply done more for Maryland than Steele. (check his career list of accomplishments)

Talking about anyone of those things would have been much better than that nasty ad they ran about Steele. It is so insulting to think that Because Governor Ehrlich supports the death penalty, Maryland voters are supposed to believe that LT. Gov is NOT pro-Life..

Fang and Hiller have taken the low road. As inexperienced campaigners, I do not fault them. But I would expect them to believe others who have been involved. Take a look at the elections of 02 and 04.. THEY ARE WALKING INTO THE SAME TRAP. And when I approach them to present an alternative, they REFUSE to post my blog link on the Federation of Maryland College Dems blog because they don't like what I say. Because I support Lieberman over Lamont. Because I don't think the Dixie Chicks should be running our national security policy.

I say here and now. Let the Democratic Party return to it's ideals of FDR, Harry Truman, and John F. Kennedy. Ned Lamont and others would be devastating to our nation. Let's not let our hatred for people like Michael Steele override this election. Let's keep our cool, and do what we need to do to elect democrats who care about this country and who do not want to BRING DOWN this country. Come to my blog. Post comments. Let's have an open discussion. Let's talk about signing the Kyoto Protocol Treaty. Let's talk about rolling back tax cuts and raising the minumum wage. Let's talk about getting rid of the terrorist surveillance program and the patriot act. But let's talk about what we'll do as opposed to who we hate. I want Ben Cardin to win. I just sure hope people like LEE FANG and TIM HILLER haven't fumbled the ball on this one.

If you disagree with me.. Go ahead and post your comments. I fully support a frank and open discussion. LEE FANG and TIM HILLER would not allow my blog link on their site.. but ANYONE who wants to, can write on mine. Free Speech and a Free Mind, Frees the soul. I hope you find a place on my blog. Enjoy!


9/20/2006 01:05:00 AM  

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