Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Election Fiasco - Where from here?

I would propose, subject to the ultimate leadership of our fearless host OnBackground, that the member bloggers of FSP - especially Montgomery County residents - take a leadership role in public service to help deter, restrain, remediate and, if deliberate wrongdoing is uncovered, punish yesterday's Katrina-esque failure of basic electoral competence in Montgomery County. Bloggers are in the information business and I would like to encourage all of us - on our respective blogs and here - to use our capacity to bring light and heat to the details of this failure and the prevention of future failures state-wide.

There have been some irresponsible accusations and innuendo regardling mass fraud or corruption. Such is theoretically possible but no one has produced evidence of such. Perhaps someone will, but in the absence of evidence of an electoral "shiv" or set-up, I would encourage everyone to express respectful, scientific skepticism to any claims of fraud or corruption, especially when the simpler explanations of dereliction and stupidity equally explain the problem.

Anyway, my two cents.


Blogger OnBackground said...

Great idea!

9/14/2006 09:47:00 AM  

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