Monday, September 04, 2006

Crablaw Endorsement - MD Del 18 - Al Carr

But no Crablaw snark will issue to someone who has led the fight for transit improvements as aggressively as Councilman Carr has done. A candidate who supports Big Rail as aggressively as has Councilman Carr will get Crablaw's full attention. How, per the campaign website, the electrified Northeast Corridor would get rerouted up steep grades and under BWI is beyond our comprehension. Crablaw doubts that it is prudent to add a MARC station at Fort Totten in the District; the Purple Line if built will hit much of the north-end Green Line anyway from Silver Spring, providing a duplicative two-seat ride to College Park's UMCP campus and FDA facility which are the largest likely destinations of transfer at Fort Totten for a Brunswick line passenger. But it's the willingness to think big, to dream big on transit that the Ehrlich administration has avoided, some would say drowned in the bathtub. And it is THAT willingness in Councilman Carr - to think big and dream big on transit - that has earned him this endorsement.
Full text of Crablaw endorsement here.


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