Friday, September 01, 2006

Silverman listing to starboard...

One day after elevating Montgomery County Executive candidate Ike Leggett to sainthood, the Post runs a lackluster profile of his opponent - "fast-talking, politically ambitious" Steve Silverman. Entitled "Fundraising Skills a Blessing and a Burden", the article does little to help Steve and instead advances two major themes of his detractors: developer contributions and political opportunism.

Readers learn once again (the Post and Leggett's supporters can never stress it enough) that Steve has raised the bulk of his cash from developers. In fact, we learn that after losing a 1994 race for State District 20, Steve has made gaining the financial support of the business community a top priority.

The Post also makes it known that Steve worked for State Delegate Luiz Simmons, a Republican at the time, and managed Simmons' unsuccessful run as a Republican candidate for County Executive in 1982. We also hear that Steve first registered in Maryland as a Democrat in 1989.

Leggett supporters have quietly pointed to Steve's work with Simmons and later political conversion as a sign of political opportunism. Montgomery County has a history of Republicans including Simmons, State Senator P.J. Hogan and Councilman Mike Subin, who switched parties to better gain and hold on to elected office.

The article closes on a downbeat with a story of a confrontation with Maryland NOW president and council candidate Duchy Trachtenberg over her support for Ike. The whole episode strikes me as an example of thin skin and desperation - qualities usually not displayed by a winner.

I think this race has slipped away from Steve...


Blogger OnBackground said...

Party switching opportunists everywhere!

9/07/2006 10:26:00 AM  

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