Thursday, August 31, 2006

State's Attorney Candidate Sues Opponent

Dan Fox, a candidate for Montgomery County State's Attorney, has filed a lawsuit against his opponent, John McCarthy for defamation and slander. Fox claims that McCarthy has knowingly been making false claims during campaign and media appearances in an attempt to undermine the upcoming election and mislead voters.

Apparently, on numerous occasions McCarthy has asserted that Fox is not an attorney (a prerequisite for the State's Attorney position) and that he has never handled a criminal case in Montgomery County. Both are outright lies according to Fox and some of his supporters.

Hmmm.... Lies, misinformation and a lawsuit with only two weeks to go in a contentious primary election? I had to learn more! And voters certainly deserve to know what's going on in this often overlooked race.

I contacted Fox and asked if he would do an interview with me for the Political Yak. He readily agreed, and we spent nearly an hour talking about what he's like, why he's running for office and what led him to file the lawsuit. I will post the results of that interview later this afternoon. Stay tuned!

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Blogger Bruce Godfrey said...

THIS is a link to a case that Dan Fox handled for Jose Martinez in Montgomery County.

THIS is the proof that Dan Fox a) was admitted to the bar in 1998 and b) is currently in good standing according to the Client Protection Fund (mandatory in MD for lawyers to contribute to.)

One can argue whether 8 years' practice is sufficient for a candidate to be a prudent choice, but he was admitted and an attorney with dues timely paid.

PY, if you like, email me at if you have questions for a practicing lawyer re the procedural issues here (you may be one yourself, don't presume to know.)

8/31/2006 12:12:00 PM  

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