Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sun: Sen. Giannetti (D-21) Inflated Campaign Finance Reports

From the online August 27, 2006 Sun:
State Sen. John A. Giannetti Jr., a College Park Democrat locked in a tough re-election battle, has overstated the size of political contributions made to his campaign since 2005, artificially boosting his fundraising total by at least $30,000, according to campaign finance reports.

But Giannetti's report includes contributions that are significantly larger than the expenditures reported by the donors. In one example, Giannetti reports receiving $2,500 from the Maryland chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. The group has not reported any contributions to Giannetti.
I go into this one in detail on Crablaw. Shorter Crablaw re this: the Sun reporter was sloppy but Team Giannetti was sloppier.


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