Thursday, August 24, 2006

Interview with Saqib Ali (MD Del-39 candidate) by Email

I have interviewed Saqib Ali, Democratic candidate for Delegate in the 39th District (Germantown/Greater Gaithersburg). You may read the full text of the interview (and my motivation for seeking Mr. Ali out) at the link, but here is a sample of the questions and answers.

2. According to my research, District 39 has three elected Democratic Delegates, all of whom are seeking relection as incumbents. You do significant organizing work for your local Democratic party organization. What factors led you to decide to challenge these Delegates Barkley, King and Stern in this primary election?

My work on the Howard Deen for President and Chris Van Hollen for Congress Campaigns, helped me to realize that I wanted to make a political difference in my community and my state. I am running for Delegate from District 39 because I feel that I can be the most effective and responsive representative of the people of District 39. It is not my place to criticize the incumbents but to ensure that the District's voters see me as their best choice to represent them. The voters will rate us all on election day.


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