Wednesday, August 23, 2006

mailer time . . .

Let's take a brief look at the latest mailers from Ike Leggett and Steve Silverman.

This is Ike Leggett's mailer:

It's heavy on his background and light on the issues, using lines like "As our County Executive Ike will fight for . . . Safer, less congested roads through support of common sense transportation solutions that always take into account community concerns" to help persuade County residents without putting forth any concrete solutions.

And this is Steve Silverman's mailer:

Steve presents a problem ("traffic"), a solution (complete with a Metro-quality map, better than the typically-seen Purple Line map) and a promise. Another political tactic - I mean, it's very easy to make promises and fail to keep them - but I feel more comfortable with Steve knowing he's actually got something to promise.

What are "common sense transportation solutions"? You could ask three Montgomery County residents and they would all have different answers. It sounds like Ike Leggett wants to pander. If you agree with the Purple Line, you could vote for Steve Silverman. If you don't, you don't vote for him. It makes the choosing easier. However, that's probably a bit too idealistic for politics, especially given the climate of this year's County elections.

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Blogger Robb Black said...

Ike's color scheme is also something less than desireable.

Red and yellow? The style of the mailer smacks of 1970's or 80's.

The pictures are not black and white, but rather, they look like they are aged photos (which they are!).

It just isn't a "clean" piece of lit from a design standpoint in my opinion.

8/24/2006 09:23:00 AM  

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