Thursday, August 17, 2006

Back Talk

Dear Readers,

Your brilliant comments to my even more brilliant posts just don't get a fair shake. So, we here at granolapark corporate headquarters have decided to give your comments the special attention they deserve. Here is a post made up entirely of YOUR comments.

- Gilbert

COMMENTS on Ruben vs. Raskin

"{Raskin] was breathing fire, all aflame for the Democratic “party of the people,” hot to be the “champion of the people,” and burning to work for the “common rights of the people.” This is from a Bethesda-raised graduate of Georgetown Day School and Harvard Law School, keep in mind."

I typically agree with your commentary, but why the cheapshot? Can people born into privilege not recognize their own privilege and work for a system that would allow others less fortunate to share the privilege? Just because a person attends private schools and is born in an affluent zip code does not automatically make them unaware and out-of-touch with other citizens. In fact, many of the private schools in this area make a concerted effort to teach their students to recognize their own privilege and give back to others so as to breakdown the socio-economic walls that separate those worlds. Your seemingly crass assessment is akin to reverse racism and sexism that only reestablishes misconceptions of socio-economic differences.



I first heard of Jamie Raskin via his signage all over TP. I commented to a politically astute friend that I would put money on the fact that he was probably the son of Marcus and another elite clever boy who went to Harvard and is all set to let the world in on his special gifts. I was gently rebuffed as being cynical so of course I went home and googled and lo and behold, he is the elite son of an elite and he did go to Harvard. I laughed out loud. Cynical? No. I worked for clever boys for years in the public interest sector. They come from families that pride themselves on their clever liberalism and manage to actually avoid anything that might cause them true discomfort.
I watched clever boys leave the public interest arena and head into "higher" offices where they promptly sold down the river all kinds of policy ideals they had worked on for years. It doesn't surprise me that loser liberal scum like Gephardt, Daschle and Harkin are supporting him. They want him in their pockets as soon as possible.

Of course I also laughed when I got home one day to find a full color glossy from Ida Ruben telling me how much she likes good education and other good things and proved it by showing her with lots of good people she likes and how much I should vote for her cause she is so diverse in her liking and photographs and good stuff. Especially interesting as I have lived in her district for a total of 20 years and never gotten one single piece of malarkey from her until she was challenged by Raskin.

I am not impressed by either. Can you tell? I have slogged thru a lot of liberal slobber in my working and voting life and I've finally decided that until a party can come up with someone who has both intellect and integrity I will pass. I know what liberals are up close and personal.

One candidate I do support is Donna Edwards in her bid to unseat Al Wynn. He is as close to being a republicrap as possible without actually kissing Karl Rove. No I don't work on her campaign, for which she would most likely be grateful, but I will be voting for her in the primaries.

Betsy B.


COMMENT on Politics on Parade

I will NOT vote for Del. Gareth Murray. His voting record, at least on an issue of concern to gay and lesbian citizens is not progressive at all. During the 20th Dist. delegates' debate, Del. Murray indicated that he was the only candidate who did not support marriage rights for gays and lesbians. Furthermore, Del. Murray does not appear to support civil unions or even a domestic partnership type of arrangement for those of us in loving, life-long relationships with persons of the same gender. In 2004 Del. Murray refused to vote for the Medical Decision Making Act -- which was written to grant domestic partners medical decision-making and hospital visitation rights. The bill passed the House of Delegates by a vote of 103-30 that year, with 23 Republicans supporting it ... but not Del. Murray. In 2005, Del. Murray again tried to derail the Medical Decision Making Act (please see
attached links). On this issue Del. Murray is particularly distinguishable from the other candidates running for Delegate in Dist. 20.

Marion Manning
Silver Spring


COMMENT on City Declares War on Ethiopia

Our City Council is taking sides on issues in Ethiopia? If we declare ourselves against the Ethiopian government, where does this put us when the Islamic jihadists now in charge of much of Somalia declare war on Ethiopia? Do we become de facto allies of the Somalian Islamic jihad, which is already in conflict with the UN-supported transitional government of Somalia (which is also backed by our City's nominal ally, the United States of America)?

And once we ally ourselves with the Somalian Islamic jihad, are we also allies of their sponsor, Al Queda? Do we eventually link up with Hezbollah? Do we need a City Clerk for Foreign Relations? Will we be invaded and occupied by US troops? Is our insurgency prepared for this?

In any event, perhaps the Ethiopian community has taught the City Council a lesson.




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