Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More Election Comments

Dear Readers,

Following are a selection of comments posted by readers to the granolapark blog All here concern the upcoming elections and candidates - a sample of opinion from the Takoma Park, Silver Spring area.


Jamie Raskin has run one of the most negative campaigns in Maryland history. He has called Senator Ruben a "conservative right winger" a "supporter of Bush's war" and a "corrupt back room politician". At the candidates forum, his supporters called Senator Ruben an "old hag". The Raskin campaign has twice stolen hundreds of lawn signs from Senator Ruben's neighborhood. When are people going to wake up to what this campaign is all about?

Paul Chrostowski

This IS depressing, Dear Readers! Usually yard sign hooliganism happens in the campaign’s last week - most often in the last few days. This must be an indication of the high emotions the Raskin - Rueben race is generating. Gilbert hates this “Feud-al Phase" and is disgusted that it has started so early. Forget about issues, from now on it will be all about allegations of dirty tactics, outrageous acts, and fighting words that serve only to crank up the ire of already-committed voters. Bleh!

- Gilbert


On the death penalty: Don't forget that Jamie Raskin was a key campaign operative for Doug Gansler's two successful runs for the Montgomery County State's Attorney's seat.

Can't be much more pro-death penalty than Gansler. Couldn't do more than to assure death penalty is effectuated in MoCo than work hard for a pro-death penalty prosecutor. Ah well, Dear Gilbert, consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds, ne c'est pas?

PS when I asked who he is supporting for Attorney General, Mr. Raskin declined to answer other than to say he was working for himself to become State Senator. Anybody think he's helping his old pal Gansler?

- TGagliardo



I'm not voting for the incumbents--haven't done that in years.

I'm voting for people who've been working here, which rules out Klein; sure, he's been in politics and he's got a well-financed campaign, but what's he done here? No grassroots organizing, no local involvement to speak of in smaller matters. All of a sudden some legislative aide with a lot of money jumps in the race?

I'm pulling for Hucker, Mizeur, and a candidate to be named later.

- local watcher man

Local, are you being ironic? Heather Mizeur is a legislative aide for Senator John Kerry, and has a whole lot of money and clout behind her campaign. There are a number of legislative aides, not to mention lobbyists, running for office - so many that your Gilbert mused in an earlier post about it, wondering if this were due to our proximity to the nation’s capitol.

- Gilbert


I am deeply concerned and offended by Gilbert's analysis of Valerie Ervin and the District 5 County Council race. Gilbert's portrayal of Ms. Ervin's commitment to the Purple Line was entirely inaccurate. Ms. Ervin has been a member of the Coalition to Build the Inner Purple Line since its beginning over three years ago. She has also studied the issue as a staffer for the Council's Transportation and Environment Committee.

Gilbert also questioned Ms. Ervin's loyalty to the citizens of her district, citing her work as a Council staff person. It is entirely unfounded and extremely condescending to imply that Ms. Ervin won't be able to think for herself and for her community if elected. She's already proven her ability to represent the public interest as a Board Member and would only be aided by her familiarity with the Council and its procedures if elected.

Valerie Ervin has two decades of local community experience. She knows our district, its issues and its people. Her wide range of endorsements, which include the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, Neighbors for a Better Montgomery, and the Sierra Club, are a testament to her ability to represent our diverse community and all of its interests. She knows the issues and has not only the vision, but the political will to actualize change. She is the best choice for District 5.

Avi Edelman
Silver Spring

Avi, I wish it were not the case, but Astroturf Val herself undermined your assertion that she knows our district, its issues and its people. As Your Gilbert reported she appeared at a Takoma Voice candidates forum unprepared to discuss, and apparently ignorant of the TASDI report on double-taxation, probably the single most-discussed issue here in Takoma Park for the last two years. This does not inspire confidence that she knows the part of her district known as Takoma Park, its issues and its people.

And this business of claiming to be an environmentalist while advocating artificial turf for school athletic fields is less than convincing.

- Gilbert


George Levensprawl's support for modest, no-brainer investments in renewable energy make him the political equivalent of a broken clock -- he happens to be right twice a day, but isn't particularly useful. All the good he may have done on energy issues is offset many times over by his support for the ICC, and on balance, his environmental record is atrociously consistent with his attempts to undermine public health by cutting child passenger safety services in half and by supporting the rescinded original version of the fire/rescue restructuring bill that would have made it impossible for the county to put effective numbers of emergency responders in the field. Valerie Ervin should be considered an accessory to Leventhal's anti-people policies until and unless she distances herself from her old boss. It's a great loss to the county that neither Joy Austin-Lane nor Marc Elrich stuck around to give District 5 voters a progressive option on the ballot.

Mike Livingston


Maybe it's just on my mind because of the clipboard equipped HRC volunteers that were hiking around my neighborhood yesterday, but I find it interesting that Aaron Klein's campaign materials prominently proclaim his support of equal rights for gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender families. I'm hopeful that it's only missing from Heather Mizeur's materials (and web site...) because her support is obvious. The more cynical thoughts in my head worry that she could be avoiding mention of the issue out of fear that her sexual orientation could cost her votes.
I don't really believe this to be the case, but I do appreciate/prefer a candidate who isn't intimidated by such discussions.
(also, I'm fully aware that this is a national issue that won't by won or lost by who we elect in District 20)

- Mark


This doesn't sound like you Gilbert. Are you two persons in one blogger?


granolapark Industries, Corp. (gIP), employs hundreds of highly skilled and talented writers working in our dozens of divisions and departments. We strive to create a consistent product. Our market research indicates that most consumers detect no inconsistencies in style and content from one post to another and that the percentage of those that do is statistically insignificant. We value your opinions and thank you for your letter.

- Gilbert #645

More comments to granolapark here

- Gilbert


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