Saturday, September 02, 2006

Crablaw Endorses Dr. Dana Beyer for District 18 Delegate

Politics is frequently the art not of "the possible" but rather the art of tolerating permanent disappointment, but with serenity. Leaders are never as humane, wise or forthright as you might hope or talk yourself into believing they are. But Crablaw has the hunch that a candidate with the guts to compete for public office as an openly transgendered citizen - even in a rather progressive district - has the guts to be honest on matters of the public trust. Dr. Beyer's blunt style in answering Crablaw's questionnaire gives air, light and water to this hunch. You have to take risks and show courage in this world to get a meaningful return: it's true on Wall Street, in friendships, love and raising children and true in public life as well. Furthermore, it is safe to say that her perspective and life experiences are approximately unique and would certainly be unique in the Maryland House of Delegates among the navy-suited waves of criminal and real estate attorneys otherwise filling that august hall. It is likely that the benefits of her service in office would inure to the people of Maryland at large and not just to the 18th District.
You can read the full text of Crablaw's endorsement of Dr. Dana Beyer here.


Blogger Maryam Balbed said...

Dana Beyers is a great person and great candidate. She deserves this and every other endorsement she got.

9/03/2006 03:36:00 PM  

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