Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Session 2006: Social Issues

Full uncensored post available at The League: Reassembled

In the first installment of Session 2006, we're gonna take a look at the issues that boil the most blood, get the most people into the streets and, ultimately, make the least difference in Marylanders' lives.

Either way, we at The League love a good controversy. So here goes...

Childhood Obesity
Everyone knows that kids these days are far too plump. Some legislators decided children health is such a daunting a responsibility for parents that government had no choice but to step in.

Each of the measures designed to deal with childhood obesity died in committee. One proposal sought to boost Phys Ed to 150 minutes a week. Another would have set up a panel to see what schools could do to help reduce kids' weight, including exploring what should be self-evident approaches like setting nutritional standards for cafeteria food. The most controversial of the measures, SB329, attracted waves of criticism for proposing that schools check students' Body Mass Index and send it home to parents in a "Health Report Card." Critics gasped at such a tactic, declaring that it would encourage kids to adopt unhealthy body images. The League wants to remind them that they'll probably develop such an image anyway by virtue of being so goddam fat.

Emergency Contraception
What would a review of social issues be without a good dose of sex? Since the ...

Full uncensored post available at The League: Reassembled


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