Sunday, February 19, 2006

Shake-up at Steele's

When Lt. Gov. Michael Steele decided to take a stab at becoming Maryland's first Republican US Senator since the 1970's, The League got a bit nervous. Steele wouldn't enter the race unless he thought he had a damn good chance of winning. National Republican strategists, notably the political genius Karl Rove, strongly encouraged Steele to throw his hat into the ring, meaning they detected something in the political climate. And the Republican raised an impressive $853,350 in the last quarter of 2005.

Despite what may appear to be a good start, Steele's campaign isn't exactly smooth sailing. The Washington Post is reporting that the Lt. Governor's organization is in disarry. "In a matter of weeks, Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele lost his campaign manager, offended an audience of Jewish leaders by comparing stem cell research to Nazi experimentation and then confounded a conservative talk show audience by saying he actually supports embryonic research," read the Post article. "Yesterday came more turmoil, as the Republican with the best chance of winning a U.S. Senate seat from Maryland in two decades lost his communications director, Leonardo Alcivar, who resigned."

This isn't to say that Steele's campaign is a lost cause. There is some truth to NRSC spokesman Dan Ronayne's assertion "This is February in a campaign. There's going to be some changes made at the staff level. This is common," as reported in The Baltimore Sun.

Although the shake-up and missteps don't spell the end for Steele, he should certainly hope to start off on a better foot. Although he has plenty of time to get his act together, it would be best to have a strong, effective organization in place at this point in time. That way he can spend the next eight months reaching out to voters and attacking Democrats instead of trying to start up a good campaign organization. Things aren't looking good for Steele, but that means things are looking brighter for Maryland.

from The League: Reassembled


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