Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Governor Robert "Poopy Face" Ehrlich

Ad homenin attacks are part and parcel of the political game. Since Gov. Ehrlich has been in politics for nearly 20 years, you'd figure he'd have learned by now not to take things too personally.

Apparently not.

Ehrlich recently whined to business leaders that the Democrats are being mean to him down in Annapolis, according to a recent article in the Post.

The governor complained about the General Assembly's over-rides of some of his vetoes. "Some of these votes are meant to embarrass me and the administration," he was reported as saying. "I didn't leave Capitol Hill to be needlessly embarrassed. . . . I am tired of it. I am tired of it."

Aw, does poor little Bobby feel bad? Are the other boys and girls mean to him?

Over-riding a veto or rejecting one of Ehrlich's proposals is not "needlessly embarrass[ing];" its simply a matter of policy differences. In fact, the legislature should disagree with the governor. We have three branches of government for a reason.

And hey, Bobby, you've disagreed with the Democrats. Does that make you a bad person? According to the line of thinking you shared with the business community, you shouldn't have vetoed any of the bills coming out of the legislature. You wouldn't want to embarrass them would ya?

This is what policy making is all about. Unfortunately, politics often degenerate into attacks. This is a pretty reliable campaign tactic, which we're assuming you know since you hired Dirty Trickster Extraordinnaire Bo Harmon for your re-election campaign. But its a two-way street. You can attack the Democrats and they can attack you. And you sure as hell can disagree over policy.

from The League: Reassembled


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Blogger InsiderOut said...

Did Election Board Worker 'Tilt' For Democrats?
Thursday, February 09, 2006
WBAL Radio and The Associated Press

Two Republican senators criticized a state election board employee Thursday for providing Democrats in the legislature with information they could use to defeat Governor Ehrlich's veto of an early voting bill.

The information was requested by Tim Perry, top aide to Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, as Democrats prepared for debate on the law that will allow voters to cast ballots at a limited number of polling places during the week before the primary and general elections.

A commission appointed by the governor had recommended that the veto be sustained because of the potential for voter fraud and the short time period for setting up an early voting system before the primary election.

Asked about the potential problems cited by the commission, Ross Goldstein, the deputy elections administrator, responded with information countering some of the claims. He noted in his response to Perry that his comments were for informational purposes only and did not represent the views of the State Board of Elections.

Sen. Alan Kittleman, R-Howard, said he was upset that Perry had asked for the information and that Goldstein had provided it. "The only reason to do that was to defeat the governor's bill. It is clearly inappropriate," he said.

But Miller said the complaints by Kittleman and Republican Minority Whip Andrew Harris and their suggestion that they might ask for an inquiry by the state prosecutor were ludicrous.

"It's embarrassing that a state senator would stoop so low. We're talking about one staff person talking to another staff person," Miller said.

Goldstein said he was simply responding to a request for information. "I certainly provide information to members of the General Assembly and their staff as requested," he said.

But Harris said the election board is supposed to be impartial, and Goldstein's response to a request for information "clearly crosses the boundary."

2/09/2006 09:31:00 PM  

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