Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Session 2006: Round-Up

The Maryland General Assembly's 2006 90-day session came to a close last night and its fair to say a wholelotta people expended a wholelotta energy to get a wholelotta nothin' done. Unless they count blocking the Governor's proposals as accomplishments, the legislative leaders don't have too much to show for themselves. And more of Gov. Ehrlich's agenda can be found in the trash pile than in the law books.

Voters will still use unrealiable electronic ballots, school funding will still be distributed according to an illogical forumla and conumers still face a 72% electricity rate hike. Great job doing nothing, Annapolis!

Just because no bills were passed doesn't mean The League has nothing to write about. 2006 was a politically-charged session that saw some interesting and inflaming measures proposed. Instead of a gruelingly long post listing all of the year's big issues, The League is proud to announce a three-part series: Session 2006. In the first installment will review the hot-button social issues taken up this year, from stem cells to gay marriage. In the second, we'll review the economic issues like wine distribution and taxes. And in the third, we'll explain all of the major issues addressed in the session, particularly the rate increase and the possible state takeover of 11 failing city schools.

Stay tuned for the next couple days to learn everything you need to know about this year's General Assembly session.

The series will be made available under our new category General Assembly Session 2006, which also catalogues the other session-related posts from this year. Available under "Other Categories" at the top of The League: Reassembled page.


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