Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Port of Terrorism!

The League agrees with President Bush.

There, we said it. The League is in agreement with President Bush over this whole port controversy.

For those who don't know, elected officials have been up in arms the last few days because the Bush administration approved a deal allowing a company owned by the United Arab Emirates to run terminal operations at several major US ports, including Baltimore. Democrats and Republicans alike have been denouncing the agreement as a threat to national security but President Bush vowed to veto any potential legislation which would block the deal.

Bush is right. Those opposed to the deals are basing their argument on the racist assumption that Arab control over the management of the terminals will threaten national security. This is absurd. Regardless of who manages the terminals, Americans are those working on the ground. In a globalized market, it doesn't matter where a corporation is based - even if its based in the Arab World. And its not as though we'll be handing over national security to the UAE. The Coast Guard and Customs will remain in control of security at the ports, as explained in a New York Times article. Finally, nearly all goods currently imported go through a port or terminal owned or operated by a foreign nation. So why all the fuss about this one? Because of racism towards Arabs.

Mayor O'Malley jumped on the bandwagon last weekend and protested the sale as "outrageous," according to a Washington Post story. O'Malley, a Democratic gubernatorial candidate, is using the controvery to shore up his homeland security credentials. The Mayor should be ashamed of himself for exploiting racist attitudes towards Arabs for political gain.

And that's why, this one time, The League is throwing our support behind the Bush administration.

from The League: Reassembled


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