Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Primary Day In Salisbury

from Maryland Politics Today, a part of the coverage for Free Vote 2007:Salisbury

Today is Primary Day in the crossroads of Delmarva, as a field of ten candidates are reduced to six.

The ten candidates running are Tim Spies, Terry Cohen, Louise Smith, Don Ewalt, John Harris, John Atkins, Keith Wright, Neil Bayne, Patrick Hannon and incumbent Gary Comegys. Critics say that Comegys has been defending the indefensible when it comes to moves made by the current council that includes a $20 million TIF for the Old Salisbury Mall.

The weekend ended full of criticism, but only one known endorsement, but not from The Daily Times. Joe Albero, writer of the blog site Salisbury News, wrote in a posting last week that if he were allowed to vote in the primary he would choose Spies, Cohen and Smith. Albero is a resident of Delmar, Delaware who is a property owner in the city. Albero is also encouraging people to only pick three candidates, and not the full six. "It is VERY important that you only vote for 3 people in order to lower the odds of someone you didn’t want getting in there to get in," Albero wrote on Sunday.

The Daily Times Editorial Board on Sunday, not making any endorsements, wrote that many candidates will go into the home stretch spreading disinformation who contenders who offer hope are derided as delusional and out of touch. The editorial stated "a ticket to elective office seems to lie more in one's ability to attack and point out problems rather than to offer either solutions or leadership."

That editorial drew a response from G.A.Harrison, known for the blog Delmarva Dealings. Harrison says that the paper does not want to acknowledge or discuss problems in the city, so therefore, no solutions have been offered. "Despite what the 'Tilghman Times' claims, we do have candidates running for council who offer sound, fiscally prudent solutions to solve an array of problems.," wrote Harrison.

Three people were up for re-election. Councilwoman Lynn Cathcart said she would not seek re-election quietly. City Council President Mike Dunn, not so much. While announcing he would not seek re-election, he also took a shot at bloggers in the area and singled out Albero.

Things came to ahead between the two recently when Dunn, using a legally allowed move, bounced Albero out of the city council meeting after Albero refused to sit in a chair and for taking pictures stating that he is not professional media. Albero contends that he has been taking his own council session pictures for a while and that there were no seats available. Although Dunn was within his right to remove people he deemed a distraction, sources tell Maryland PT that the council chamber was standing room only.

Comegys is the only incumbent running for re-election and based on nine fresh contenders, there is a possibility that he could be voted out today.

Polls opened this morning at 7:00a.m. and will close this evening at 7:00p.m.

P. Kenneth Burns is a journalist and broadcaster based in Laurel. He is the writer/editor of Maryland Politics Today.


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