Tuesday, December 26, 2006


CQPolitics has a piece on Chris Van Hollen's new role as chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee that recycles things most of us have heard, but reminds us that: "If Van Hollen has any major challenge for his upcoming tenure, it is that the big Democratic gains of 2006 surely will be impossible to duplicate." After this year, only holding most Dem seats and increasing the number will earn Van Hollen wide acclaim, though insiders will consider him effective if the slippage is minimal. Given a number of the seats Dems will want to hold despite a 2004 vote for Bush and how tied this election will be to the presidential, that's a tall order, even for someone with his abilities. He was very on-message in the interview, so he wouldn't talk about expectations or strategies, besides emphasizing the importance of Congressional Democratic leaders to deliver on campaign promises in winning for 2008.

A Sun piece on Ike Leggett is similarly unenlightening to people who've been reading about him for the last few years (though Baltimore folks might need the 101 on the new MoCo Exec). You've got to like the comment of Blair Lee though: "Political graveyards are full of people who have misinterpreted his nice-guy demeanor as political weakness." Readers who are hoping from big things from the Executive are reminded by the Sun that: "In Montgomery County, the real power of government lies with the County Council," so expectations are high all around.

It should be an interesting four years, as MoCo Politics notes. Maybe the hottest topic in state politics lately has been about the death penalty, though the budget, wages, transportation, and health care are likely to take on some prominence next year. Of course political junkies are still waiting to hear about key appointments from Montgomery and Prince George's counties to top spots in state government, with rumors swirling around former MoCo Councilmember/AG candidate Tom Perez and former Delegate/Executive candidate Rushern Baker.

And have you noticed that New Hampshire north of the Beltway (DC, that is) is named after soon-to-be-former-Sen. Ida Ruben? When did that happen?


Anonymous yellow dog Democrat said...

The segment of New Hampshire Avenue between Hillandale and White Oak (where Senator Ruben lives and where the new FDA, which she has worked so hard to bring about, is located) was named for her as a gesture of recognition for her many years of service by State Highway Administration. On the same day (December 22), another road in Baltimore County was named for the late State Delegate John Arnick. Other segments of road are named for other state legislators in other parts of the state as well. Whether or not you voted for Ida on September 12, 2006, I hope you will agree this is a well-deserved tribute to a dedicated public servant.

12/31/2006 10:00:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A neighbor of Ida's - I called her office once to iron out some difficulty with Verizon, she never responded. 3 weeks later after a letter a staff person called. She criticized a local high school for not interviewing her, she had failed to respond to requests.

My question- Is she dead yet? If so- let's name some road after her- ON the new FDA reservation-not on a major thourohfare- if not- and there is a chance that she could run for some office again- let's not name anything after her.

12/31/2006 12:18:00 PM  
Anonymous yellow dog Democrat said...

dear anonymous of 12:18:58 - I hope someone says something nice about you or shows you some love during your lifetime and doesn't wait until you're dead. happy new year.

12/31/2006 03:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope somebody says something nice about Ida too. Just don't count on me.

Just not with taxpayer dollars on New Hampshire Ave & remember- I didn't say never or no where- just not New Hampshire Ave.

Now that I have responsive government- maybe I will have a Happy New Year. And maybe you will too.

Entrenched politicians NEED to be shaken up- no matter the party.

And come to think of it- Ida never showed me any love, sniff. I'll talk to my therapist.

1/01/2007 04:14:00 AM  

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