Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Baltimore Historic Watchdog Saves Threatened Rowhomes

Baltimore's Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation voted last night to give protections to some of the oldest rowhomes left in downtown Baltimore. It was the latest development in a saga that has pitted Mercy Medical Center's desire to demolish the homes to make way for an inpatient tower against urban preservationists. The League wants to thank CHAP for doing the right thing.

Dear CHAP,


Thank you for voting last night to "wrap a row of historic downtown rowhouses with protections against demolition - effectively defying city officials who just days ago granted Mercy Medical Center a permit to raze the properties."

Thank you for standing up to an influential local institution in a way Mayor O'Malley and the City Council wouldn't stand up to the Catholic Archdiocese when it wanted to destroy the Rochambeau Hotel.

Thank you for recognizing that preserving Baltimore's historic character is just as important to this city's continued growth and good fortunes as are sparkling new buildings that lack the rich architectural value of the old.

Thank you for telling the City Council that it cannot allow member Keiffer Mitchell to add pro-development provisions without public knowledge or input.

Thanks for doing what's best for Baltimore.

In Gratitude,
The League

from The League: Reassembled


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