Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Maryland Strikes Again -- Van Hollen to Head DCCC

Originally posted at MoCoPolitics.

First, Baltimore native Nancy Pelosi is the new Speaker. And Steny Hoyer is the Majority Leader. Pretty good times for Maryland, huh?

Today, they got better. Much better. Montgomery County's own Chris Van Hollen is the new Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen who was elected to Congress only four years ago, will lead House Democrats' fundraising and recruiting efforts heading into the 2008 election, Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi announced Tuesday.

Van Hollen, 47, takes over the position of chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee from Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., who was credited with leading the Democrats to victory in the midterm election and restoring the party to power in the House after 12 years in the minority.

Emanuel will assume the post of Democratic Caucus chairman when the new Congress convenes in January.

"Congressman Chris Van Hollen's depth of legislative experience and political savvy will make him an exceptional DCCC chairman," Pelosi, D-Calif., said in a statement.

This is a major coup for Van Hollen, who also was recently named to a coveted spot on the Ways and Means Committee as well.

Well done, sir. A worthy reward for a job superbly done in the 2006 elections. Bravo.


Anonymous fightingdem said...

Please, God, let him be better than Rahm Emanuel!

12/19/2006 01:32:00 PM  
Blogger OnBackground said...

from cqpolitics.com:

"He played a key role in the Democrats’ success this year as head of candidate recruitment strategy under DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, who is moving on to become chairman of the House Democratic Caucus."

12/19/2006 03:08:00 PM  
Blogger The League: Reassembled said...

There are three members of The League. One works in an office. In this office is a poster: "Maryland - A Small State With a Big Impact!"

There is an outline of the state with lines radiating from it.

12/19/2006 04:31:00 PM  
Blogger Mdman said...

I hope he learned some good lessons from the experience this year. Rahm could have done better, but he didn't do badly. He is a fighter and that's what we need. Dean is a fighter and we need him, too.

12/19/2006 10:37:00 PM  

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