Monday, December 18, 2006

A Moratorium on "Moratorium"

The past few weeks have seen a rash of "Dan bitches about moratorium" posts on other blogs, and while I can hear my father over my shoulder, saying "you'd better stand up for yourself," I can't help but admit: I can yell about Leggett and our scary new council members until I'm blue in the face, but I probably won't get much done that way.

I still can't buy the NIMBY argument, and I can't help but wonder if underneath all that talk about dropping property values and "overdevelopment" is a subtle prejudice towards newcomers. I know all people aren't like that, but some are, and those are the ones that worry me. But I am aware that our new County Council probably isn't so inclined.

So, in good faith that the County understands its past successes and missteps, I am proposing a moratorium of my own: on the word "moratorium." For the next year, Just Up The Pike is banning use of the word "moratorium" except in extreme circumstances. While Montgomery County reconsiders the path it chose ten years ago, I will be going easy on the rants. Why dwell? There are bigger fish to fry.

And, moratorium (sorry) or not, I will continue to press our leaders on improving public transit in this area. You had better watch out, Ike Leggett: you will hear from me again.

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