Thursday, September 07, 2006


In today's Maryland political news:

Lublin has an interesting take on the D20 Maryland Senate race and points us to a Gazette piece assessing Delegate open-seat races in Prince Georges,

Sharon in MD has a good review of the campaign in the district of House Speaker Busch (D30),

NOW PAC endorsed Kweisi Mfume, for Senate -local-headlines

and CQ points out the advantage of name i.d. for John Sarbanes in the crowded 3rd CD primary, while Paula Hollinger got Rep. Cummings support.


Blogger OnBackground said...

And take a look at statements by County Councilmember Tom Perez about how Steve Silverman has been campaigning.

˜Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but they're not entitled to their own set of facts," said one of the four, Councilman Thomas E. Perez, repeating a phrase Silverman uses frequently."

"I wish he'd listen to his own words," said Perez (D-Dist. 5) of Takoma Park. ˜Steve has a major track record of saying one thing and doing another” or being a latecomer at best on such issues as supporting the living wage."


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