Thursday, September 07, 2006

Candidates to Watch Out For

I've been monitoring some of the Democratic Senatorial candidates for awhile now. We can all agree that not all of them have been given a fair amount of air time, right?

Thomas McCaskill says he is one of the principal co-designers of GPS. Other than his lengthy biography, there is nothing notable. No statements, just volunteer, contribution and a link to MDDems.

Allan Lichtman. Whatever you do, find another candidate to vote for. His students do not care for him (I asked. Note: They like him, they just suggest avoiding his classes), he openly snubbed the College Dems of Harford Community College [they booked an appointment 4 weeks in advance, and his campaign manager called to say that he was going to visit Towson U instead and refused to book a follow-up], and he got himself arrested last week. This man does NOT act Senatorial.

Lih Young. Upon researching this person's name in Google, I found a website from the 2002 cycle, where Young was running for Comptroller and a profile on Project Smart Vote. I have no issues with Young, but it would be nice to have an easily accessible website, y'know?

When performing a Google search on Bob Robinson, I got Daniel 'The Wig Man' Vovak. I'm scratching my head on that one.

Joseph Werner is obviously an attorney (check out his page, you'll see why). He lists some ideas, nothing that hasn't been said before. He would do well as a congressman, delegate or State Senator.

That in short is a small look at who is running for senate, the lesser-known candidates. Did I cover all the lesser-known candidates? No. I'm not your political babysitter, here to read you the news. I promote everyone to look at all the candidates, and vote who you prefer. After the Primary election, support the Democratic nominee.

Do not follow Joe Lieberman's example. Whether it's Cardin, Mfume, Rasmussen, Rales, etc. We're entering the home stretch after Tuesday, and it will take a good, solid effort to keep Maryland blue.

Also, if this hasn't been stressed enough, I want everyone to vote in the Primary election. It's more important than the General, because you can actually have a say as to who you want as the nominee. In the event a candidate does not win, if there are enough votes, that person can run again in another election. Voting in the Primary Election also gets the attention of other candidates, and they will know to start asking for votes in your area. That's how my district up in Harford County got a visit from Congressman Ruppersberger.


Blogger The League: Reassembled said...

Lichtman snubbing of the Harford Community College Dems seems like reasonable campaigning. He has made a strong effort to attract Baltimore-area voters, where he knows his strong civil rights record will be helpful.

Picture Lichtman's choice and realize how utilitarian it was: a small school in a small Republican county or a university with three times the enrollment located in his target area.

9/07/2006 08:57:00 PM  
Blogger Spuchuu said...

Harford county has been typically Republican, but Democratic voters outnumber republican voters here (suprising, no?) Voters in this county have been listening to the College Dems of HCC.

9/08/2006 01:41:00 PM  

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