Saturday, September 09, 2006

Guide Guide

Dear Readers,

There will be NO comments about the blind guiding the blind! Gilbert will not stoop so low.

Gilbert WILL stoop to using other people’s election guides to make his own gentle suggestions to you, Dear Readers, in case you need them next Tuesday in the voting chamber.

Three such voters guides have come to Gilbert’s attention, one from a Takoma Park councilmember, another from a city resident involved in progressive liberal Democratic politics, and a third in the Takoma Voice newspaper (which provides granolapark with a home and substantial salaries for its staff).

Let’s see what these guides have to say about campaigns of special interest to Takoma Park, particularly the ones in which local citizens are running: State Comptroller, State Senator District 20, State Delegate District 20, and two for County Council At-Large. Takoma Park is poised to take over!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The nerve of some people! Here we have a politician acting the role of pundit! City Councilmember Bruce Williams (Ward 3) has sent out to his constituents an “Election Guide and Comments” e-mail. As though he were an expert on politics or something!

He makes candidate picks and provides telling, often candid, details from his observations as Mayor Pro Tem, Councilmember, and member of the Municipal League. In a couple of instances he uses his insider knowledge to rat out a couple of candidates.

Wiliams’ perspective is the most conservative of the three guides Gilbert reviewed. Of course, in Montgomery County and particularly in Takoma Park, our “conservative” would be “rabid revolutionary” anywhere else. Nevertheless, Williams goes against the progressive grain (that would be whole grain, no doubt) by saying, “this election, particularly the County races, is not about 'development.'” He describes . . . . [continued at granolapark]

- Gilbert


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