Friday, September 08, 2006

Breaking News -- Ida's At It Again!

Just got word from the Raskin campaign that Ida Ruben has sent out another slimeball piece. As described to me, it features a picture of George W. Bush, with thumbs up, saying "thanks, Jamie" for helping him get elected. It also features repeated claims of Raskin being a pro-lifer and the other recycled claims from the infamous "ugly Donkey" mailing that was so roundly criticized. Senator Ruben has clearly left the reality based community.

This is sad. Ida clearly has nothing positive to say about her 30 year career and is forced to resort to this pathetic nonsense. It seems pretty clear that she's going down, and she knows it.

In this regard, I heard a rumor earlier today that the Senate leadership poll referenced in the Gazette article today had Ida down 10-12 points -- no idea if this is true, but if she's gonna (re)sling the mud, I feel free to at least sling the rumors. I note that Mike Miller pretty much hung her out to dry in that article.

Break out the shovels, 'cause it's gonna be a fun weekend here in primaryland!

UPDATE: Since I posted this at MoCoPolitics, I've seen the mailer. If at all possible, it's worse than the first one. It now accuses Raskin of "campaigning" for Ross Perot, which is false. It repeats the same BS claims about siding with pro-lifers, when what Raskin was doing was standing up for civil rights.

After being so roundly criticized the first time, for Ida to put this out is breathtaking in its desperation and its stupidity. She has forfeited any credibility and any claim to even a sliver of respect. She's gotta go.

And I note that along with the slime piece, I got a puff piece from Ida with a picture of Barbara Mikulski endorsing Ida. Somebody needs to ask Senator Mikulski if she approves of Ida Ruben's tactics. You can ask any number of other officials what they think as well -- Al Wynn, Doug Duncan, Parris Glendening, George Leventhal, Ben Cardin, Takoma Park Mayor Kathy Porter, Stan Gildenhorn, and all the rest. Should make for an interesting discussion.


Blogger Bruce Godfrey said...

Readers who are attorneys know this, but it is considered the height of unprofessionalism to attack an attorney based on who the attorney's clients are. Just as accountants and architects do not become veterinarians or jail wardens if they do the books of an animal clinic or design a layout for a prison, attorneys do not become abortion protestors or third-party candidates or real estate developers or Iraq war veterans by representing any of the above. D-20 has a LOT of attorneys and her comments probably lost her a lot of reachable voters. Raskin would do well to distribute this to attorneys and tell them to dasiy chain the content to their professional email lists.

There are bona fide criticisms that could be made of Raskin: never worked in the legislative branch, narrow (although intense) experience, too far left even for a very left district, too intense, or even more gently that he is a nice guy but is better at teaching law in front of polite law students than at negotiating and writing law in a competitive, tense and somewhat nasty legislature. I don't personally buy these criticisms but they would all be "non-asinine" even if wrong. What Raskin did for abortion protestors and for third-party candidates is good, not bad, and strongly encouraged by applicable rules of professional conduct; it speaks well of him and would lead savvy D-20 voters to ask why has Ruben done other than wear a beehive and collect a check?

9/09/2006 10:24:00 PM  

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