Friday, August 11, 2006

O'Malley Attacks Sparrows Point LNG Proposal

Community activists and watch-dog groups have opposed the Sparrows Point liquefied natural gas terminal for some time. Yesterday, Martin O'Malley jumped into the fight, calling the proposed terminal and pipeline a "potential bomb."

These LNG terminals are being met with hostility across the country. It seems, though, that the Republican leaders who are constantly reminding us that we are not safe and that we live in a post-September 11 world are the leaders pushing for these dangerous target to be built within striking distance of metropolitan areas.

The Sparrows Point proposal raises is raising other flags. It seems the chief lobbyist for the site is also Bob Ehrlich's personal lawyer.
Debate over the site has been compounded by the role played by Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s personal lawyer, David B. Hamilton. Last month, Common Cause of Maryland asked the Maryland State Ethics Commission to investigate whether Hamilton had lobbied for companies involved in the project without registering as a lobbyist, as required by state and county law...

Hamilton drew attention this year when he met with legislators and other state officials in a successful effort to get a $150,000 grant for the dredging necessary to construct the terminal. In addition to Common Cause, the LNG Opposition Team, which is part of the Greater Dundalk Alliance, a community group, also filed an ethics complaint against Hamilton.

In the past, Hamilton told The Washington Post that he obeys state ethics laws and acts only as a lawyer, not a lobbyist. The surrounding area has strongly backed Ehrlich in political races.

"The governor has publicly opposed any LNG facility in that community months ago. He has worked aggressively since then to ensure that the facility is not put there," said Henry Fawell, a spokesman for Ehrlich. "The governor's position is uncompromising. Martin O'Malley's political stunt offers nothing to the equation."
The LNC Law Blog follows the story more closely and provides commentary and discussion on other LNG proposals and legislation across the country.

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Blogger Bruce Godfrey said...

When they built Calvert Cliffs, they built it in southern Calvert County not because nuclear plant workers love to live in tobacco country. They did it so that an explosion would mostly bake the Bay and the wide mouth of the Patuxent River, and perhaps because an evacuation of the few people around there would not be that complicated.

Dundalk is densely populated - not high rise dense, but rowhouse and old-school WWII era small-lot SFH dense. Unless you live there, you probably don't go there. It is old-school Baltimore, thick accents and dialect, blue-collar to the core (until the gentry come.) What labor movement the region has, has a major presence there, but this is Reagan Democrat labor, not Andy Stern-SEIU country. Dundalk sounds like Bob Ehrlich does, only more so.

8/11/2006 11:54:00 AM  

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