Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dems Rush to Democrat's Defense - Surprisingly

The state Democratic Party criticised Michael Steele's insinuation in a US News and World Report story that Kweisi Mfume represents "just one particular race." In a press release, Party Chairman Terry Lierman characterized Steele's comments as "race baiting," according to The News Journal.

As another chapter in the discussion over the possibility that the two black candidates may face one another in the general, the little tiff isn't all that interesting. What's interesting is the state party's strong defense of Mfume. As the former congressman and NAACP leader has often accused - and accurately so - the Democratic establishment annointed his primary opponent Ben Cardin as the party's inevitable nominee. But recent polls suggest that Mfume has just as well a shot at the Dems' spot on the ticket as has Cardin.

The Party shouldn't need a poll to tell it that all candidates deserve an equal shot. Primaries were designed to give voters a voice in the electoral process and drive out the influence of kingmakers. Unfortunately, the Democratic establishment has acted like Bosses since the start of this campaign. A reality check in the form of a poll seems to be the only thing that can change its behavior.

from The League: Reassembled


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