Sunday, August 06, 2006

Meta - FeedDigest for your sites

On my home domain at Crablaw, I have installed a FREE RSS feeder from FeedDigest, which enables my site to carry headlines and links from up to five sites.

Because Crablaw is now a member of LeftyBlogs as are many of the member blogs of FSP, I use the RSS feeder to separate my more-or-less Maryland political and legal content on Crablaw Maryland Weekly from more hobby or personal posts. These latter posts go into the newly formed Crablaw Magazine. This way, my site gets stickier with its target readership and I get a second site.

The RSS is handled by a compact Javascript utility and the code is extremely easy to install, so easy a caveman George W. Bush could do it. I believe that the RSS links do not count towards inward/outward links themselves, because they are JavaScript, not HTML, and so the spiders and counters do not pick them up, FeedDigest will allow you up to five "digests" with five blogs feeding into each at no charge. If you major syndication powers, you can pay a sliding licensing fee to get them according to your appetite.


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