Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Below is the first in an effort to bring some insight into the races that don't always make the headlines, starting with Jamie Raskin, candidate for state Senate in District 20.


You may have heard something about the bumper crop of energetic, thoughtful, progressive leaders running for office in Montgomery County this fall. The normally staid, often incumbent-driven politics are being upended as these candidates bring forward new ideas and a willingness to do the hard work to solve the problems we face and improve our community. And the all-too-often passive incumbents are running for their political lives.

Nowhere is this more true than in the heavily Democratic 20th legislative district, encompassing the southeastern corner of Montgomery County (Silver Spring and Takoma Park), where in less than 80 days we’ll have the most exciting election in several cycles. In the most interesting race, long-time incumbent Ida Ruben is being challenged by public advocate and American University professor Jamie Raskin.

In a recent interview, Raskin laid out an ambitious agenda, to "be the State Senator who makes universal health care for Maryland a reality, achieves funding for the Thornton Commission's pre-K mandate, builds an effective state/local/federal coalition to make the Purple Line happen, succeeds in moving to abolish the death penalty in our state, enacts 100% voter registration by making registration a condition for graduation from high school, pushes for Clean Cars legislation and active state involvement in a Mid-Atlantic regional compact to dramatically lower greenhouse gas emissions, and builds a wall of separation between our politics and corporate money by abolishing corporate contributions to candidates for state office."

Details about the campaign, the candidate's motivation, and more at OnBackground.


Blogger MoCoPolitics said...

Nice bio piece. It's kind of sad that Ruben's still in the race. She's going to lose, and for everyone's sake (especially her own) she needs to retire. Guess it's the political version of "It's better to burn out than to fade away."

7/03/2006 01:04:00 PM  

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