Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Session 2006: The Biggies

Full post available at The League: Reassembled

Every session is marked by a handful of big issues. This year, it seemed the headlines focused on one intently for a few days before everyone got bored and moved onto something else. In the final installment of our Session 2006 coverage, The League takes a look at those issues that can only be described as The Biggies.

This is What We Think of Your Stupid Veto

Session open with partisan guns a blazin' when the General Assembly overrode a number of Gov. Ehrlich's vetoes from the previous year. Maryland attracted national headlines when the legislature enacted the Fair Share Health Care Act, a just bill that requires employers of 10,000 or more to spend at least 8 percent of their payroll on health benefits. Opponents derided the bill, which was obviously aimed at Wal-Mart, as an anti-business measure that will drive away investment from the state. This thinking is dead wrong: businesses will continue to come to and thrive in Maryland because we have a wealthy consumer base and offer a high quality-of-life.

The Democratic-controlled legislature overrode another Ehrlich veto early on when it approved a $1-an-hour increase in the minimum wage. Again, opponents babbled about disinvestment. Again, the sky did not fall even though low-wage Marylanders enjoy fatter paychecks.

Anyone Got Papers To Roll Up a Big Fat Vote?
With veto overrides outtatheway, Maryland political junkies turned their attention to how we citizens vote. Activists pressed the legislature to pass a measure that would have required a paper trail for ballots. ...

Full post available at The League: Reassembled


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