Friday, June 17, 2005

Open Letter to Peter Franchot

Editors Note: This week, Del. Peter Franchot sent out an email urging progressives to get more involved. At the same time, rumors abound that Franchot plans to run for state office. Robb Tufts (rtufts812 at wrote the following open letter.

Why did the Democrats wait until a REPUBLICAN Governor was elected before passing an increase in the Minimum wage and a living wage bill?

Why haven't the Democrats rallied around the need for a VERIFIED paper trail for our electronic voting machines.

Why haven't the Democrats pushed for UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE in Maryland?!?!?!

Why do Democrats like DOUG DUNCAN support destroying the environment by building the ICC?!?!?!?!?!?

Ehrlich might be bad, but in my eyes, the Democrats are not that much better.

You call yourself a progressive. I would call you a fairweather only when it serves you to score political points and not progressive when it REALLY counts and you can get things done -- when the Democrats are in power.

--Robb Tufts


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