Monday, April 04, 2005

Free State Happenings

Democrats want to move the primaries up to June (from September). This makes sense. It makes sense that you don't penalize a party with a contested primary by making it just two months before the general election. Of course, in a state where Republicans are struggling to be competitive in many elections, the one positive they have is that less competition in their primaries means they have a real shot at a weakened Democratic nominee, so they are unlikely to go along with this idea. This sounds like inside baseball to some, undoubtedly, but makes a real difference.

The Sun's legislative assessment brings up the interesting point that the state Republicans think that the building of the ICC may peel enough votes out of Montgomery and PG counties to significantly help Ehrlich next year.

In the suburbs of DC, Martin O'Malley spoke to a crowd of local politicals (including names like Franchot, Hixson, Gansler, Floreen, Praisner, Leggett, Ruben, Leventhal, Ewing) and activists in Silver Spring yesterday, there was a profile piece on Tom Perez in the Post, and local gadfly/perennial candidate Debra Vollmer spoke energetically at a local group meeting against Purple Line options that run above ground near her neighborhood. 2006 is shaping up to be a fun year in the political game.



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