Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Trench Warfare

Delegate Sandy Rosenberg (D-Baltimore) gives an example of one of the ongoing questions of political junkies that involves both the reasoning behind Gov. Ehrlich’s slots initiative and his general strategy for reelection.
Speculation that the Governor would rather have no bill pass is most often raised regarding slots - by both proponents and opponents. However, it’s not limited to that issue. Strategizing with a Baltimore City official last week on funding for lead paint enforcement, we discussed the likelihood that the Governor would not compromise and let the money go unspent.

Given the lack of success on the Governor’s agenda (even the Washington Times admits that he “…has achieved only minor legislative victories this year…”), Republicans had better hope that this is a strategy, not a failure to get anything done.

It’s almost funny to read that both conservative Del. Richard Weldon (R-Frederick) and TrueVoteMD activist/one-time Green Party candidate for Delegate from Takoma Park Linda Schade ( oppose legislation that would protect the state elections commissioner from dismissal by the appointed board. What does that tell you about the people who like the legislation?



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