Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Thank you for reading Maryland's progressive political collaborative web log -- Free State Politics! I am excited that one of our contributors, Isaac Smith, wants to take progressive Maryland blogging to the next level. As announced recently, Isaac is moving us over to a more integrated platform that allows true community blogging and has a variety of other online capabilities, making possible a real step in the growth of Free State Politics. As we've seen from the Rangers and Pioneers, from the Dean Campaign, and from the decentralized organizing and campaign projects across the country, only by engaging more people and giving them the initiative and responsibility to make change can we really grow and make progress. And by adding functionality and encouraging reader participation, we can build readership and energy.

Take a look at the first draft of needs your insights on local and state politics and policy, your information and ideas. So please, join the new platform (signup on on the upper right corner) and share your writing. Also, FreeStatePolitics needs your help to let other Marylanders know about us, so please share links to with your readers, friends, contacts, and colleagues. Help promote it on other web sites and lists.
We are discontinuing the use of, except as an archive. We appreciate you reading FreeStatePolitics and look forward to working with you to make our collaboration at work!

-- OnBackground

Hop right over to the new home of FreeStatePolitics



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