Monday, January 29, 2007

Schisler Says Sianara

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After months of wrangling, Public Service Commission Ken Schisler stepped down today, the O'Malley administration announced.

Schisler became the Democrats' favorite scapegoat during last year's BGE electricity rate increase crisis. Although the Democrat-controlled legislature approved deregulation, Schisler led the PSC as it approved at 72 percent increase in residential electricity rates for most central Marylanders. The legislature tried to fire PSC members in an effort overturned by the judiciary and Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller was in negotiations to secure Schisler's removal to leave as recently as last week.

The Democrats may have used Schisler as a public sacrifice in the face of intense constituent anger, but he also merited a removal. The guy absolutely refused to change course and reduce the rate increase. He stood his ground in the face of the fact that the increase could have fatal consequences for the poorest Marylanders, particularly Baltimoreans (Schisler is from the Eastern shore). And The Sun disclosed e-mails illustrating Schisler's inappropriately close relationship with an energy industry lobbyist who represented BGE.

And now he's gone.

O'Malley's office released the following statement:

“Earlier today, Governor O’Malley received Chairman Schisler’s letter of resignation from the Public Service Commission. His resignation will be effective Friday, February 2, 2007.”

“We are thankful that Mr. Schisler stepped aside, allowing the Public Service Commission to move forward. Now, the work of rebuilding Maryland’s regulatory framework begins in earnest. There is no time to waste getting professional regulators back on the job - to protect consumers and restore stability for businesses.”

from The League: Reassembled


Blogger Bruce Godfrey said...

Not to be a pain, but it is "sayo(h)nara" (sigh-YOH-na-ra). East Asian Studies major, had to do that one. But from what I have read about him and the evidence of his tightness with the entity he was supposed to regulation, good riddance in any language. Best, Bruce

1/30/2007 12:32:00 PM  

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